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A Virtual Assistant is an asset to a business. Every successful entrepreneur has a virtual assistant.


You may have heard the term, Virtual Assistant, here and there. It might sound like a new modern position, but actually, virtual assistants have existed since the 90s. So, its somewhat recent, but not entirely new. However, as technology advances, the Virtual Assistant industry has become more popular, and even a  necessity for most business owners. 

But what are they?

A virtual assistant is usually a business owner who works as an independent contractor and provides administrative support to business owners. Most of the time a Virtual Assistant (VA for short) works from home, or have their own place of business. They pay for their own office expenses, their health care, and taxes. They are great for business owners who need help operating their business but cannot afford an in-house employee, OR their business does not require in-house staff, but they still need assistance. VAs are efficient and resourceful, you do not have to create office space for them, or even provide intensive training because most of the time they have a lot of experience. 

So what do they do?

A Virtual Assistant saves you time and money, increases productivity might even increase revenue, and more importantly, they bring you FREEDOM!

Some VAs specialize in one particular thing, such as Social Media Management, Web Design, Market Research and/or answering services. However, most of the time VAs are jacks of all trades. VAs tend to be handy versatile people (yes, they are humans, not robots or apps). Think of them as a Personal Assistant who can do almost anything, except bring you the coffee.

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